Institute for European Studies of TSU will host Prof. Dr. Libor Klimek from Matej Bel University (Slovakia)

Within the frames of Erasmus+ mobility scheme a visiting lecturer from Matej Bel University (Slovakia) Dr. Libor Klimek will deliver a three-day course on European Criminal Law for the students of TSU Institute for European Studies as well as other interested parties.

Course timetable:

1. July 17 Monday  15:00 -17:00 
2. July 18 Tuesday 15:00 -17:00 
3. July 19 Wednesday 15:00 -17:00 

Venue: II Academic Building of TSU, auditorium 406, Institute for European Studies. Address: 3 Ilia Chavchavadze avenue. 

Should you be willing to attend the course, please, fill out the registration form.  

Dr. Libor Klimekʹs short bio:

Dr. Klimek is an attorney-at-law (advocate) specialised in criminal law and European criminal law seated in Old Town of Bratislava, Slovak Republic. In the past he was an advisor to the First Senate of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic in criminal matters. At the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic he was co-creator of the Slovak Act No. 274/2017 Coll. on Victims of Crime and co-creator of the European Network for Victims’ Rights.

In addition to his practice, he works in academia. He is an Associate Professor of criminal law at the Faculty of Law of the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica in the Slovak Republic. He is a Visiting Professor of European criminal law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Leipzig in Germany. He is external member of PhD committees in the field of criminal law at the University of Trnava (Slovak Republic), the Commenius University in Bratislava (Slovak Republic), the Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic) and the University of Vilnius (Republic of Lithuania). As a national expert for Slovak criminal law, he prepares legal analyses for the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw (Republic of Poland) and participates as an external member in its international projects.
He regularly lectures at international conferences and Universities home and abroad, for example, in Oxford (United Kingdom), Cambridge (United Kingdom), Leipzig (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Moscow (Russian Federation), Prague (Czech Republic) and Warsaw (Republic of Poland).

He is a reviewer of professional and scientific books published in the Slovak Republic and abroad. He reviews professional and scientific articles for domestic and foreign journals – for example, Judicial Review [Justičná revue] published by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, in Switzerland Laws, as well as Russian magazine Economic Problems and Legal Practice [Экономические проблемы и юридическая практика] published by the renowned Moscow publishing house Yur-VAK.
He speaks 5 languages.
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