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Public Lectures and Trans-Atlantic forum 
TSU Institute for European Studies is oriented on giving to it’s students not only excellent theoretical knowledge but also to develope practical skills in order for them to become competitive labor force. Public lectures, seminars, international scientific conferences with participation of highly qualified national and international experts, professors, Ambassadors and other professionals strengthens opportunities for our students for getting familiar with everyday work of key institutions operating in Georgia and to raise their awareness from practical stand point.  
The main idea of public lectures is that it gives possibility for academics, students and all interested persons to enter in vivid discussions about political, legal and economic dimensions of EU development and get up to date information from relevant policy makers.  
We know that bilateral cooperation between US and EU and Georgia’s place within the process is of crucial importance. Trans-Atlantic forum established at the Institute for European Studies serves this very reason to become aware of common goals of international community, to be informed about the challenges faced globally and to analyze the perspectives of Georgia on its way to EU integration.  
The information about all public events organized by TSU Institute for European Studies is published on TSU web-page and is accessible through social media. The information is also sent using mailing list. If you want your email to be added to our database please contact us.
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